The 256 LethargicDog Geek Challenge #001/256

Challenge #001: Original Pong Game Programming With Scratch

The goal of this challenge #001 is to use MIT Scratch at for programming a game named “PONG”


PONG is a quite simple game that was originally created in 1972 by the company Atari. It is well known as one of the very first mainstream Videogames ever. The purpose of the game is a puddle/ball game similar to tennis or table-tennis. It involves one player (against the machine) or two players. This is a black and white two dimensional game, with basic graphics.

The audio is fairly simple, with no background music but a simple beep as the ball hits any paddle or pitch side.
The score is kept above the field (upper side of the screen). Each player earn one point each time the opponent fails to return the ball.
The first one to reach eleven points wins the game.

In order to succeed, you have to use the Scratch Programming environment, available at
Should you need any help for getting started, you will find many templates and members achievements on the Scratch site. Hundreds of YouTube tutorials are also available.


After you have created an account on the website, you will be able to save your program and share it to the world.
If you can get close enough to the gameplay, the graphics, the “flavour”, and sound of the original game, you can consider it a success and choose another LethargicDog 256 Geek Challenge.
Have fun, and good luck !


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