Russia vs Ukraine, nuclear threat?

Can Putin start World War III? The answer is obviously no. So there is no need to frighten international public opinion with the nuclear threat of a Putin or a Kimjong Un. Who would still believe that NATO, or the NSA or the CIA or MOSSAD could leave the fate of the human race in the hands of half a dozen mentally degenerate belligerents. The Western alliance has had plenty of time to put in place the means to trace and neutralize these few go-to-war weirdos the very second they step a single foot outside the sandbox of conventional weapons. And unless they are suffering from irremediably advanced dementia, the main interested parties know very well that the sword of damocles can strike at any time. I’d be more worried if Trump was re-elected though, such a moron as a cavalry commander, that would really suck. But in the meantime, citizens of the world, happy citizens of the free world of NATO, you can rest easy, provided you can ignore the fate of our Ukrainian, Uyghur or Afghan brothers, because unfortunately, you don’t need plutonium warheads to do evil.