Pong on Scratch.Mit.Edu (Challenge #001/256 Howto)


About a month ago, I wrote about the very first of my 256 Geek Challenges, (see Challenge #001/256).
If u struggle to finish it, you will find below the result I expected, and you will be able to see the details as well.

Notes and Credits:
All the work included is from me, apart from original sound ‘pop” featured as standard.
The game is a tribute to Original Atari Game “Pong”, 1972.
The purpose of this development is to be a sample for my students, kids, friends kids, my nephews and nieces also.
I consider programming and computer skills to be as important as foreign languages, maths, physics, history and sports. Everybody should be able to program a computer according to Steve Jobs.
Click the Green Flag to Start the game.
2 people can play.
Left player uses A and Q keys for Up and Down.
Right player uses P and L keys for Up and Down.
First player to score 11 wins.

Theoretically, you should be able to play my scratch game from there, hope this works fine. Click on image below to play the game:
Pong Scratch

If you want to see code and details, click the link:
Original Pong Game 1972 with Scratch. (Code, Images, Details)

Take Care.