Projects – Summary

As it is often asked to me, here is a summary of my current projects, their progress and, more generally, the way I do, somewhat academic, I agree …
This page will be regularly updated to reflect my progress in all areas mentioned below.

So I am working currently on four different games, a blog, and a challenge for geeks. I also write a book in English on technology for all.
On top of that, I prepare a program developed for the students I will have with me this year 2015-2016 as a technology teacher.
I am also in the process of preparing my online stores (Amazon, E-Bay), and organize an extended stay in Asia in 2016.
I also learn Stencyl complementing Unity3D and I update my Twitter account and my new Google+ (can be accessed here:
I have not much time left for being bored… (And incidentally, I also read a book a week at this time)
So for now, the only complete game Pong is on my Scratch account, accessible here:
As a guide, it took me half a dozen hours since Scratch is very accessible. I recommend also to all those who want to learn the development of video games.
For my main game, and all my projects in general, running ten things at once is surely not the best way to complete if only one of these works, but as long as the pleasure is there, I will keep going that way. It is a luxury to work at my own pace and not have to make accountable to anyone, and I plan to enjoy it much longer!
Of course, like everyone, I have a “real” job at the moment, (Professor of College / High School) and I try to practice with all the passion, commitment and professionalism that it implies.
Take Care.

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