Les journalistes et les chiffres, tout un poème

(in french)

Les journalistes et les chiffres, tout un poème…

Petit coup de gueule aujourd’hui envers nos amis les journalistes professionnels.
Les gars, même si je ne vous mets pas tous dans le même sac, loin de là, je m’insurge aujourd’hui contre vos trop fréquentes erreurs de chiffres dans vos articles.
Je voudrais une fois pour toutes que vous compreniez, que un million c’est mille fois moins qu’un milliard, que 3% et 0.03% c’est 100 fois plus, etc…

C’est important, et ça change complètement le fond du propos, la preuve ci-dessous dans un commentaire que je me suis permis d’ajouter sur un article Yahoo/Le Figaro à propos de l’école 42 de Xavier Niel: (Accessible ici ou )

A nos amis journalistes, 1 milliard ne peut pas être 6% du PIB des USA !!! Et très loin de là en plus.. Les erreurs de chiffres arrivent trop souvent dans la presse, ce qui décrédibilise complètement le propos, c’est dommage. Allez, une petite remise à jour niveau collège en maths, ça peut pas faire de mal. 😀

Basic LEGO Roof with LDD (based on Youtube tutorial)

Hi There,
This post is about a tutorial that I have found on YouTube on how to build a roof with Lego. The author of this great tutorial is JAYSTEPHER. I highly recommend you to subscribe to his channel, as he is providing great advice on building amazing Lego stuff.

Lego Designer Roof Red Tiles from Jaystepher tutorial-5

His tutorial consist of showing us how to build a roof with actual (real) lego bricks, but the purpose of my post today is to suggest that you can build that roof with Lego Digital Designer instead. (LDD is available for free download here).
FYI, it seems that Lego will not provide any further updates for LDD, but the latest version (4.3) is still amazing.

The way I have proceeded is quite simple and there is nothing unusual here. I just ran both LDD and JAYSTEPHER YouTube Video Tutorial (Available here), and I followed his construction step by step, pausing his 17 mn video as often as needed in order not to forget any details. After an hour or two (took much longer that necessary because I took snapshots of my work in progress in order to make this very post, and I tried to compare his part list – available in his video comments –  to mine  – available down below and also with my own building instructions, ZIP file available for download here)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re interested to try to build it by yourself, I highly suggest to open both JAYSTEPHER Video, this very post, and my building instructions, so then you have multiple source of information to reach your goal. This might be particularly useful because the author of the tutorial had to move some pieces of the larger window, and as he did not record the video again just for that, my own building instruction might be helpful there. Or you might just be interested it the Parts List below:

For once I have provided a more intricate work here, combining a tutorial, many screenshots, and the building instructions available for download from my google drive, so I would be particularly glad if some of you guys comment this post. Would it be for questions, or to help me improve my writing (as you probably have noticed I am not native English), or even for other remarks, on how it has been useful to you or not, and if you are interested in some more content of that kind)

That’s all for now, I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did preparing it. Feel free to share, subscribe, like and comment, and for even more content about Lego, Game Design, 3D and other fun stuff, check my Google Plus account here)
Take Care!


Rant of the Day: Youtube Loud Music Background

Rant of the Day:
Youtube Loud Music Background

Hi There,

Just a quick message here to all of you guys making Vlogs, YouTube Videos, Vine and stuff.
Please never forget that not 100% of your audience will be native speakers. Because of that, anyone making movies would keep in mind that the clearer the voice is, the better us foreigner will understand what you say.

So please avoid to set the background audio/music/surround too loud, it is pretty annoying if you ask me.

Thanks for your attention,
That’s all for now.
Take Care.