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Quote : Kaamelott, Livre VI, 6 : Nuptiæ

[en] There is plenty of warchiefs, any sort of, alot of, good or bad, there is plenty of, but oddly at one time there is one of them who’s special, an exeptionnal one, a hero, a legend … This kind of warchief is rare, do you know their common point? Do you know their secret power? … They only fight for the weaker’s dignity.

  • Pierre Mondy, Kaamelott, Livre VI, 6 : Nuptiæ, written and directed by Alexandre Astier.

(translation by Otiakin :

Rant of the Day: Youtube Loud Music Background

Rant of the Day:
Youtube Loud Music Background

Hi There,

Just a quick message here to all of you guys making Vlogs, YouTube Videos, Vine and stuff.
Please never forget that not 100% of your audience will be native speakers. Because of that, anyone making movies would keep in mind that the clearer the voice is, the better us foreigner will understand what you say.

So please avoid to set the background audio/music/surround too loud, it is pretty annoying if you ask me.

Thanks for your attention,
That’s all for now.
Take Care.


Challenge #005: Code With Anna and Elsa at

The goal of this challenge #005 is to use the “LEARN” menu at website for programming Character Animation based on Pixar Animation Studio Motion Picture named Frozen.
This challenge is intended to be done prior to the challenge #001 for those who feel it was too difficult to achieve for now.


DESCRIPTION: is an online programming platform aimed to teach how to code to absolute beginners. This site is highly recommended for people (Adults, Children Aged 8+) who want to take their first step into computer programming, or for those who have failed to deal with more advanced programs such as Scratch (available online at or Stencyl (download it at or Even Visual Studio, Unity3D, Unreal Engine and so on. has another advantage compared to the other ones above, that is you can run it on any modern browser, or even on your tablet. No excuses..
Many famous people are partners of this organisation, such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or even Will.I.Am.

At, many activities based on game coding (for the most part) will take you through the first stages of computer programming. All you will learn in there will be useful if you want to do some serious coding in the future. But for now, the challenge will be to succeed in the Frozen’s Anna and Elsa puzzle games.

In order to succeed, you will have to use the website. Once you get there, you will find the Frozen Movie Characters at the “LEARN”/”Hour Of Code” menu, then click the “GO” button for getting started.
An introduction video will play, introducing the goal, the main parts of the screen and showing a first sample as well. Once the video has ended, you will be offered to solve the 20 puzzles.
Should you need any help, there is a tutorial video on the bottom left part of the screen, and I will also provide some additional hints in a future post here at

Once all the 20 puzzles are solved, you will be offered to enter your email address and your name, in order to receive your first “Hour Of Code” programming certificate. And once you have published this document online, you can consider it a success and choose another LethargicDog 256 Geek Challenge.
Have fun, and good luck !


The Bucket List

Hi Folks,

Have you watched the film “The Bucket List”? Not yet ? Well, I highly recommend you to do so ASAP actually! Of course the critic reviews are not so good, but a movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman cannot be that bad, and anyways, this is not the film by itself that I want to tell you about, but the story of the birth, the death, and a couple of things we all may consider to do before to kick the bucket…

Sooner or later, depending on our age and our personal situation, we all wake up some day thinking “What have I done so far in my life?” or “how long am I likely to survive the nuclear threat, the global warming, the recession while eating Genetically Modified Organisms 3 times a day?”

Well, I don’t know about you, but for my part, I made the decision to have a plan, just in case things go wrong. And guess what? I called it my bucket list!

10 categories, 100 Items, one rule, just tick the box when done.
Here is mine, mostly hidden, we are not so close yet:-). You have a look, you let me know about yours, all good ? (some of my choices may sound cheesy, but I don’t give a damn, build your own, this is the thing about this thread…)

My Bucket List

A/ Random Stuff 1/2

1 …Insert your own stuff here…

B/ Random Stuff 2/2

11 … Insert your own stuff here…

C/ Charity

21 Become rich enough to join Gates/Buffet Charity Programme
22 …

D/ Relatives

31 Teach my kids about fun and entertainment, that comes with hard work and commitment (work hard, play hard)
31 Keep in touch with close family and friends, always show love and affection, whatever is the distance.
32 …

E/ Self Esteem

41 Read and Learn about Human Kind as much as I can.
42 Write an e-book
43 …

F/ Motorsports

(I’m sure you’ll easily replace this one with your own stuff)
51 Drive a Formula One, even for 3 laps
52 Visit GoodWood Festival of Speed
53 …

G/ My secret Dream

61 It’s a secret actually 🙂
62 …
63 …

H/ Shows

71 (attend your favourite band best live show ever)
72 (see a major event – can be Olympics, Football World Wup, New York Fashion Week)
73 …

I/ Parties

81 Glastonbury Festival
82 Oktober Fest
83 Montreux Festival
84 Rio de Janeiro Carnival
85 …

J/ Travel

90 Visit New York, St Petersburg, Dubai, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Beijing, Sao Paulo, Singapour
91 …

Take Care. (Maybe today I mean it even more that usually !)