LethargicDog Online Presence


This page contains a list of links leading to my games, apps, pages, pics, videos, social networks activities and contact details that cannot be stored in the current blog. This list – which is in alphabetical order – is supposed to be updated every time I add some more content apart from this blog. Feel free to visit anytime you need.

  • Amazon.fr – Order my books and other stuff from FR – UK – DE – IT – ES
  • Ebay (In french) – Delivery to Western Europe including the UK and Ireland
  • Instagram – Lots of Personal Stuff, but also Related to LethargicDog Usual Topics
  • Google+ Page (Mostly Short Videos Worth Watching – Sorted by Collections)
  • LinkedIn – Professional Page
  • Prezi.com – LethargicDog Slideshow-Style Online Presentation
  • Scratch Account (M.I.T.) – Game Programming for All (My free to share online games)
  • Sketchup.com – 3D Design application (Online Content coming soon)
  • SlideShare – Online Slideshow Presentations (PowerPoint)
  • SoundCloud – LethargicDog Podcast (Audio)
  • Stencyl.com – 2D Game Programming (Community Forum)
  • Twitter Account (Updated on daily basis)
  • Unity3D.com – 3D Game Programming (Community Forum) Link coming soon
  • WattPad – My humble contribution ton the world’s largest community for readers and writers
  • WordPress (this very Blog) – available at lethargicdog.com (also at barri.eu)
  • YouTube Channel

Take care.



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