Scratch Account – Update

Hi there,
It’s been a while…

Today I am setting up a brand new organization for my Scratch stuff. I have decided to split my account in order to manage four independent studios. The main reason for that is to keep it tidy and organized. Now you have 4 studios. One studio for Video Games (Pong and other basics) , another one for Animation (kind of cartoons if you wish), the third one is about Mathematics and last but not least for Simulators (Dashboards, Mechanics…). I will probably create more categories someday, but that’s enough for the moment as I haven’t shared that many projects yet.

Scratch Studios

I have decided to make these four “collections” in order to match my global strategy that consists of several centers of interests, different topics, that people would follow in particular, without having to read all my stuff if they don’t want to. This is already the case for this very blog where you can choose English or French content or search by categories and tags. Same principle for my Google Plus account which has up to 15 collections (including “3D Game Dev”, “Creative Content”, “Education”, “Inspirational”, “Shopping List”…) when my Instagram  is more about my travels, adventures and projects and my Twitter is related to more profound stuff (and some jokes when I am in the right mood). My future YouTube account will probably follow the same path, but no need to hurry for that one, as I have uploaded only one video so far.

Another reason why I needed several categories is for the “Animation” part. This one will have a specific role in the creation of my videos. I will use it either for scripting/editing, or for character animation, and maybe sound and musics as well.

That’s it for now. Please follow me on my networks, share, comment and like. (Any language will be fine for comments, but preferably English of French)

For direct access to my Scratch Account, click here.

Take Care,