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SBU: First ride (Self-Balanced Unicycle)

Hi There.

Last wednesday I had my first ride on open road with my SBU (Self-Balanced Unicycle). It was so much fun, I can compare it to the first time I managed to ride a bike without almost killing myself (Well, I guess, I can’t remember actually :-))

I had two practice sessions inside my home on the week before, and finally I decided to go outside, trying to stay on the kerb, not getting run over by a truck.
There is not much more I can tell right now, especially because it would take a while to remember everything, and I am a bit overbooked at the moment.
Give me a chance to come back to you later, probably next week, and I will tell the whole adventure, with pics and lots of fun stuff included.

That’s all for now.
Take Care.