Game Project Y150114 First Article

Game Project Y150114 First Article
A casual 2D game for smartphones with Stencyl

Hi there,

As I said previously, my global project is to become independent (Laptop Entrepreneur), in order to leave my 9-5 job and live the life I dream of.
For those who have missed it, I explain my projects in the current blog Here, There and also Over Here (In French).

Prezi LethargicDog 1

Now back to the current Game Project. I made the decision to get back to a much easier project, after I have tried for years to develop a 3D puzzle game, first with XNA 3.1, and XNA 4.0, and more recently with Unity. Then now my new goal is to do a much more simple game, 2D game first of all, and a casual game, that would not take me more than a couple of weeks for a first prototype, excluding the time I need for learning my new gamedev environment.
After I have read reviews on many games engines, I have chosen the Stencyl tool, that is very close to the MIT Scratch system. This tool is obviously way much easier that Unity to learn. So now I am able to move actors (Sprites if you wish) around my scenes (levels), and let them interact between them according to the gameplay and game logic that I have defined.
As it is a prototype I do not bother to draw realistic graphics, nor dealing with a splash screen, or anything of these features that are expected in a final version, ready for shipping to online platforms.
So far this is a lot of fun. I spend lots of time learning stuff online though, but I am getting there finally. I also purchased a book about Stencyl programming, which is a great help too.(Stencyl Essentials from Richard Sneyd, available on Google Play)

Here is a picture of my first screen, where you can see lights and switches. Once I get some functional gameplay, I will publish videos on youtube about it and I will let you know the link.

Y150114 Prototype 1

As you can see, this is very humble beginnig, but I really wanted to show that, in order to encourage some of you to start something, and not being impressed by the tools to learn or the tasks to achieve. We all have to start somewhere at square one, and improve from there.

Now it’s your turn to start your own project, and feel free to let me know about it in the comments.
To be continued…

Take Care.


4 thoughts on “Game Project Y150114 First Article”

    1. Oui, en un sens. Comme je te l’ai expliqué précedemment, je suis très occupé et donc je ne me donne pas d’échéance précise.
      Mais d’un autre coté, ce jeu 2D en Stencyl avance 10 fois plus vite que mon projet 3D en UNITY3D (anciennement XNA 4.0). Donc il est raisonnable de penser que je pourrai publier une video d’une maquette prototype dans les prochaines semaines.

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      1. Et on a le droit au tuto ? Car j’ai un problème de hit box avec les objet créé quand je leur met des arguments tel que quand on les touches, le jeu recommence.

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  1. Pour les tutoriels, je te conseille deux choses.
    1/ recherche sur google : stencyl collision tutorial
    En effet, la hitbox entre dans le sujet plus generique des collisions, qui s’ecrit pareil en anglais (ne mets pas de “S” à collision dans la recherche Google.
    2/ Ouvre un compte utilisateur sur qui est le forum de stencyl.
    Ecris un premier post pour te présenter (dans la catégorie correspondant aux présentations), ensuite recherche la réponse à ta question. Et enfin, si tu ne trouves pas ta réponse (après avoir bien cherché, j’insiste, les foromeurs n’aiment pas répondre à une question qui a déjà été posée et traitée…), pose ta question, en donnant le plus de précisions possible, y compris une copie d ecran du code en question si besoin.
    Ces deux conseils valent pour toutes les applications, et tous les problemes.
    Bien sur, je continue à te répondre autant que nécessaire,mais je ne replacerai jamais les milliards d’usagers du net, il ne faut pas hésiter à les solliciter 🙂


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