X100309 : A 3D Puzzle Game with Unity3D

I have started the development of this 3D puzzle game with XNA 3.1 then XNA 4.0 in early 2010 (The purpose of the game is to move some pentagons around a dodecahedron, I will explain this more in details soon).

And since that day (5 years from now, outch!), i went through several technical issues, mainly because of my lack of experience in 3D game design. I have actually finished many professional applications in the last 20 years, and I consider myself to be quite fluent in Visual Basic and C#, and I have used Visual Studio for years, so then than part is not so much of a problem.

The main issues are about gameplay, and 3D animation, in addition to the 3D modeling with Blender. I have also decided recently to move from XNA towards the promising Unity3D, and despite this product is known for being easy, I find the learning curve steeper than expected.

For these reasons, added to me being a fucking lazy bastard at the end of my regular working day, this game status is “in progress” for a very long time. But I have decided that this situation is coming to an end, and hopefully some improvements may occur during this summer.

Stay tuned for updates. Take care.


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