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Looking for motivation – Full Microsoft EcoSystem

Hi There,

I have tried to start my own business for years now. But is this the lack of motivation, or limited skills, or not enough free time, or anything else, I don’t know, but I have to admit that I am not doing good enough so far.
Now, I am dreaming big, and I want to be a success though, then things have to change, right now.
Many of you have heard about all my projects already if you have read some of my previous articles and presentations ( Here, There and also Over Here ). But before to travel the world for business or leisure, having fun and make money while moving around across the planet, I first have to build valuable content, and sell it online…

Google Plus Collections

For that, and first things first, i need to have good tools for productive work. And this is not the case for now, not at all. I am still struggling to get any work done with my 9 years old laptop, and I miss many important phone calls and messages because of my faulty 5 years old smartphone. Add to this that my Android tablet is bricked, or at least unresponsive most of the time, and you’ll get the full picture.

In order to change this, I have to scrap all this crap and go for much better hardware.And on top of that, I need to get some online services and professional apps for presentation, backup, storage, marketing matters, to name the few (I will write a full article about services and apps someday). So the short term motivation for now is not the long term goal anymore, but to make enough cash for buying the tools that I really need.

lUMIA 940 XL

As my business is supposed to be lightweight, no employees, no offices, no car, nor nothing, all I need to get focused on for now is a proper laptop and a great smartphone. And as some of you might have noticed already, and despite all of them have great advantages and valuable applications available, I am not the best fan of Apple iOS, Google Android, not even Linux systems. I’d rather go for Microsoft, and I am anxious to discover the latest products that will come equipped with Windows 10 as standard.(Without the need of any risky upgrade from 8.1 I mean)


For the laptop, I have already chosen the Mobile Workstations Family Products from Lenovo (just waiting for the latest ones to come in Q3 of 2015, equivalent of the existing w550s and its amazing battery life (Check my previous article about Mobile Workstations here). Regarding the tablet, My 2013 old Nexus 7 can still do the trick for a little while, and then I will probably replace it with the Microsoft Surface 4. Last but not least, my phone will probably be the promising Microsoft Lumia 930 XL, or its HTC equivalent if it comes to market early enough.


As you can see, I have made my mind already, and as some of you guys may go for a full Apple working ecosystem, I’d rather opt for the Microsoft equivalent, as it does much better sense to me, according to the applications I am using as an Indie. And when all that tool set will be mine, I will probably buy a Microsoft wristband, as icing on that Microsoft cake.

Take Care.