Mug – LethargicDog – Prototype #1

Hi there!

This mug is a prototype for a gift that will be given away to the backers who pledge for my Kickstarter.
I have been inspired by many pics and blog comments over the internet but I forgot where I found them all. So bare with me guys if I haven’t mentioned you yet.


This is a beautiful ceramic cup with spoon in handle. One side is an humouristic fake C# piece of code about coffee. Opposite side contains original content from this very blog such as header pic, social networks links, and many logos of my favourite tools.

In between you can find a serial and part number, as well as copyright notification and also a qr-code (that works, it’s amazing 🙌), and that’s about it.

Comments, like and share.
Feel free to add your contribution in comments. For those who want to know more about my projects, stay tuned as I will update this blog with everything that I do. And please feel free to reshare and like, I don’t bite (much), I’m too much lethargic for that 😪.
Take care.